Monday, November 5, 2012

PhotoBooth At A Birthday Party

I've been looking for additional ways of making income for my business and right now, there seems to be an upswing in the popularity of photobooths.

I recently had a birthday party and was asked if I could do a photobooth.  I had everything except for the software.  I do have lightroom, but wanted something more "end user" friendly.  Something that guests could do on their own.   I do have a 4x6 printer as well, but the client wanted digital sharing only.

The location did not have a Wi-Fi connection available, so instead, I tethered my 4G cellular phone to the laptop.  Worked great!
I picked up the dslrBooth software and it has the essentials that I will need to make the booth work the way I want.

All of my current Nikon cameras work with the software, which was great.  Just needed a good USB cable for tethering.

All the items I used:
Nikon D300
Nikon 24mm f/2.8
Light stand
Alien Bee B400 w/ shoot through umbrella
Vagabond mini lithium pack
Radio Popper triggers
Backdrop stand
black backdrop

I was just amazed at how much fun people had.  I even got in on some of the fun!
Here are some samples from the guests that night.

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