Sunday, June 12, 2011

New Project Coming - VisualOhio!!

Those of you who have been regular readers of the blog know that I attended the Flash Bus Tour Stop in Pittsburgh this year.

While there, David Hobby discussed his HoCo360 project.  Essentially it is a hyper focal news blog about interesting people or events in the Howard County Maryland area.

I though that this was a great idea and am going to start something similar.  In the next couple of days, look to find a new website,

This site will concentrate on bringing stories of interest regarding the people and events of the great state of Ohio.  While I am headquartered in the central Ohio area, and most stories will probably be from this area, I'm not limiting it.  Anything in Ohio is far game.  I've already got an initial article in the bag and ready to post once the site goes live.

The key to all this will be you, the reader. If anyone has any tips to a great story....a person they know that has some skill, talent or story of interest that you want to get out there, an interesting event...drop us a tip and we might use that as the catalyst for a future story!

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