Monday, July 25, 2016

Street Photography in NYC (Adult Content)

When they say that NYC is a street photographers paradise....BELIEVE IT!

Here are some images from a recent trip where we visited Central Park, Times Square and Liberty Park, NJ.

Things to know:

1)  Central Park is awesome and there is always something going on.  Sundays are a good time to go because there are a lot of NYers that go there to unwind after a busy week.

2) Native New Yorkers are friendly...despite what others might tell you.

3)  The horn on your car is a communication device.  NYers use it to talk with other drivers.  Don't take it personally.  It is a difficult lesson for out of towner's to understand.

4)  Driving is an experience all on its own.  I recommend using the public transit or Uber.

5)  There are things to see and do all over the place.  Example, right by Madison Square Garden, there are at least 10 "must see" places within walking distance.

6)  Times Square is very busy.  Just be aware that there is a lot going on down there almost all the time.

7)  Parking is very expensive and most places charge by the half hour, with prices at the time ranging from $15-30.

8)  Brooklyn is a good neighborhood to stay in.  We got an Airbnb there and it was great.  Close to a subway station, as well as a bus stop.

9)  The Natural History Museum in Central Park has prices for entry, but if you are low on cash or just cannot afford it, they will accept a donation of any amount to enter and see the exhibits.  A very awesome concept that I've never seen done before.

Central Park and Natural History Museum

Cleopatra's Needle

Times Square

Liberty Park, NJ

Nikon 35-135/3.5-4.5 - Part 3

More images for your viewing pleasure from this "old" beauty.

Saturday, July 23, 2016