Monday, January 13, 2014

Analog Photography - Some New Things For Me

I never thought I would go back to and explore the world of film again.  Not since I last shot my Nikon N90s, have I shot film - probably 10 years ago!

This Christmas, my wife has surprised me with some vintage cameras that she thought would be a nice touch to my office when I get it redone.
She found the following for me:

  • A 1930's something Graflex Speed Graphic
  • A 1930's something Voigtlander Brilliant TLR
  • An unknown aged Zeiss Ikon something or other(still researching)
Oddly enough, all the cameras she found on eBay and the aperture and shutters still work perfectly on them!!
Speed Graphic (c) Wikimedia

What I plan to do is put these cameras to the product photography station and get some great images of the cameras themselves for you to see.

I've already started running a roll fo 120 film in the Voigtlander, so we will have some of those to share as well.  Maybe even another surprise as I might start experimenting with some Fuji Instax film in these cameras as well.

The camera collecting bug has firmly bit me, so now I am on the lookout for those interesting cameras of yesteryear.

Kodak Signet 35
To that, I found a good deal on a Kodak Signet 35, which is a 35mm rangefinder camera.  And guess what, I think that it works as well!!  The triggering of the shutter can be a little sticky at times, but the timing seems to be there....I just found a roll of Kodak Max 800 in the guess what I'm going to be doing for 24 exposures!  :D

We have a Diana F+ Instant on order as well, so you can come along for the ride with us on that, too!

So, really - stay tuned and get ready for a smattering of some good old fashioned film camera reviews mixed in with the usual articles you'll find here.