Tuesday, July 29, 2014

New Service Offering - Photography Consulting and Education

We are expanding our services to include photographic consulting and education!

What does this mean for you?  Read on below!

Ever have questions regarding which gear you need, devising a pricing schedule?  Let's talk about those things and get you on a track that is comfortable for you.  This is meant for fellow photographers who want to get to a different level in their photographic journey.

Are you just starting out, an amateur, advanced or professional photographer with gaps in your knowledge base?

We can help you understand photographic concepts as basic as getting a proper exposure all the way to advanced concepts such as off camera lighting, HDR.  Need help getting a workflow developed for your image creation through archiving and post processing (Lightroom and Photoshop CS/CC)?
Want advice on your portfolio?  We can sit down with you and look at what you have and help guide you to a cohesive end product.

We can help you with all that and more.  Contact us either by phone or email to discuss your needs and we can setup a schedule that fits your time frame.
If you are local (Central Ohio) we can also use the consulting/education time for one-on-one shooting sessions.  One of the best tools for learning is having a mentor to bounce ideas and talk out situations/concepts while on  an actual shooting session.

Consulting and education is billed by the hour and you will control the time and pace of the sessions.  We will not force you to pay for three hours of time if you can get what you need in 1 hour.

As with the photography services we provide to our clients, we want to provide you with the best "bang for the buck" education and consulting.  We feel our prices are reasonable for the value you get.

Our contact information is below and on our website.

Some of our work is shown above, but if you want to see more about what we do and what we produce, check out these links:

Andrew Livelsberger