Sunday, January 23, 2011

52 Project - Week 2 - Photograph a Stranger

I had 4 portraits to share.  Here is what I posted to the group for week 2.
Portrait of a stranger is designed to get you to approach people you do not know and have some kind of interactions.

Get all the details after the break!

Took my daughter to the park and ran across this interesting fellow. He grought his kids to play at the park as well and to get some "socialization time" in with his dog. I walked up to him and told him who I was, gave him a business card and asked if I could take his portrait. All ambient sunlight, diffused through clouds.
Man and Dog - Topazed

This fine lady was waiting to give a presentation. I thought it interesting her position relative to the painting. It did not hurt that I was there to cover the event, which made getting the portrait that much easier. On camera flash, bounced through a Demb Diffuser Pro, roughly an 80/20 ratio of bounce and forward light.
The Lady and the Painting

Manuel is a master glass sculptor at Arribas Brothers in Florida. I asked if he minded that I get a picture of him at work. No flash, all ambient light from the torch and over head lighting.
Manuel At Arribas Brothers - Disney World

I attended a local community event(pioneer day) and asked this young man if I could get a portrait of him. Ambient light, under shade.
Pioneer Day Volunteer

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