Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy Holidays and Welcome to 2012!!

Hello all!!

Just wanted to take the time to thank all the regular readers of the blog.  I also want to welcome the newcomers and invite you to read through the past blogs for some great articles.

What do we have in store for the new year?  A bunch more "how I got the shot" posts for sure and we plan on pushing the boundaries and limits of our image making processes.   More choices, more creativity is good for everyone!

Looking for some that great family portrait?
Shamblin Family Portrait
A special, intimate image for that special someone?
Intimate Portrait
Couples Portrait
©Best Light Photographic LLC
Senior Portraits?
Before The Prom
Chris Cochran - Senior 2012
Brittany - Senior Portrait
Maybe you are a business in the community and are looking for something that will pop your ads off the page/screen or a style that will let everyone know that is YOU even without having to read a word.  We can and want to help you with that!!
Armando Javier Product Shoot
Image ©Best Light Photographic LLC
Products © Armando Javier
So, take some time, reflect on what it is you want to visually accomplish this year and then give us a call and let us know!  It would be our pleasure to help you make your visions a reality.

We are also looking to expand out and offer some educational classes.  Got a new camera or just want to better understand what it is that your camera can do for you?  Want to control your scene through exposure, lighting, concept?

We can help you with all of that and then some.   Private, one on one sessions will be offered as well as group classes and workshops.  Call us anytime to discuss the one-on-one sessions and stay on the look out for the class/workshop announcements.

From all of us here at Best Light Photographic:

Good luck in the new year, best wishes for success in all your ventures and we look forward to working with you in whatever ventures our paths happen to cross!!


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