Friday, March 13, 2015

Things Change - There Are No Absolutes

A while back,  I wrote a about how we were going back to an all Nikon shop for work we shoot with our business.

As much as I like the Nikon gear,  how it performs and the quality it provides,  I did not take into account one small thing.   One's ability to actually use it.

Early November 2014, I had surgery to repair an injury to my arm.   After discussing the situation of work with my surgeon,  it would be quite a while before I would be able to use my right arm to hold a camera of the size and weight of the Nikon.

In theater,  the show must go on. .. and in business,  the clients that booked jobs with you don't just go away.

I needed to find a suitable kit to handle the workload I had before me, while still being able to do my photo shoots.

After much research,  the Olympus OMD serious cameras were employed to handle the work in place of the Nikon kit. The main reasons?   Image quality,  weight, handling and touch screen were at the top of the list. I mainly needed to support the gear with my left arm,  and then could use the touch screen to actuate the shutter with my right hand.

Since those early shoots,  I've found more and more reasons to use the Olympus gear. Will it completely replace my Nikon?   No,  as I find that they complement each other well and have very specific uses.

It was a bit short sighted of me to proclaim that I would shoot Nikon and Nikon only.   I forgot the true meaning of using the best tool for the job. That is not always one set of tools,  but could be more than one. There are many saws out there to cut wood and metal,  but as convenient as a circular saw might be,  it is not always the right saw.

So bottom line is this...I have to officially retract my statement of being a Nikon only shop and just go back to being a photo studio.   I have to remember that at the end of the day,  my clients don't care what gear I use,  so long as the images they receive are of the high quality they hired me for.

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