Thursday, January 3, 2019

Lens Organization With Brother PTH-110 Label Maker

As you've probably noticed from the many reviews posts in the past about the many manual focus lenses, I've acquired quite a few lenses.

When deciding which lenses to pick for the day, I realized that either mount up or mount down, they all seemed to blur together.   I'd too often need to pick up each lens and look at the inside of the front element (especially for the older manual focus only lenses) to know which was which.

Right around November, I saw that Amazon was having a sale on label makers.  This usually $25 Brother PTH110 model was $10 off.

Because I knew I would have more than one reason to use it, I picked it up.

Now, I placed identifying labels on the rear lens cap of each lens.  This makes finding what I'm looking for rather trivial now.

Never underestimate the power that a $15 purchase can have on simplifying life.

Sure, it doesn't save me a ton of time, but sometimes you are in a hurry and every last second could count.

The other benefit of this labeling system is quick identification in your camera bag.

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