Monday, April 4, 2011

How I Got The Shot #16 - Another Trip To The Zoo

Hello everyone!  And welcome back to another episode.  Back to the Columbus Zoo again.  This time with a concentration on Australian Birds.

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Creative Process:
It is supposed to be the start of spring here in Ohio, but old man winter is still trying to hold on.  Wanted to get out, but also have a place were we could take a break from the cold from time to time.  We visited the Columbus Zoo and concentrated on the indoor areas, looking at getting some shots of the Australian Birds.

The Columbus Zoo and Aquarium in Columbus, Ohio

Nikon D300
Nikon 300mm f/4

EXIF Info:
Shot in Aperture Priority, exposures vary and will be posted with the images.
Shot in JPG Large/Fine

Lighting Setup:
The animals were too far away to have used flash effectively, and I don't like using flash when animals are involved anyway - why cause them undue stress.  Besides - didn't need it today!

1/200th @ f/4   ISO 1600

1/400th @ f/4   ISO 1600

1/250th @ f/4   ISO 1600

Focusing - Again, as in previous posts - this can be a challenge, especially if you need to shoot through glass. Luckily, the birds were in an aviary and we were in there with them.  No glass to contend with!  YEAH!

Exposure - Today it was partly cloudy, so we had a mix of overcast light and bright sunlight.  Most of the shots are taken when the clouds were covering the area.

Post Processing:
Honestly, didn't need any today.  Setup everything in camera. Put the D300 on VIVID mode and let it work it's magic.

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