Monday, April 16, 2012

How I Got The Shot #30 - Artist and Paint

Another Project52 assignment to share with everyone.   This time, we are looking at using one light to create a portrait of an artist, holding an implement of their craft.

Here is one of the final shots from this shoot:
Our #1 Pick
I decided to use the wonderful Dani as the "artist" and we dabbled into the world of painting.

Check out the details after the break...
Creative Process:
I wanted to do something colorful and creative.  I also wanted to get the personality of the artist involved as well.   I imagined in my head an image of an artist, their face covered with the medium they use to create images, grasping the tools of the trade.

The elements of the shot were that the background had to be plain, use only one light source, and it had to be from the waist up or closer crop.

So - now with vision in my head - I made a trip to the art supply store and for less than $10, I had all the props I needed.

  • Body and face paint - water soluble
  • artists brush pack - it had like 20 different brushes in it of varying sizes
I let Dani get creative on how she wanted to do the hair and paint as well as placement of the brushes.  It was a collaborative effort.  I think it came together quite well.
The "What Did I Sign Up For" Look

Ohio - Home Studio.

Nikon D700
Nikon 50mm f/1.8
Aline Bee B400 with an umbrella box
light stand
backdrop stand with white felt sheet
reflector panel with the white bounce material
Radio Popper JrX Studio transmitter/receiver

EXIF Info:
Shot in manual mode
Camera quality setting - RAW
ISO 200, 1/250th @ f/5.6

Lighting Setup:
Pretty basic.  Light to camera left, reflector to camera right.

So, total time for the shoot was 2 hours.  This included, hair, makeup and getting the paint and brushes placed on the model.  This time also includes setup and tear down of the stands, lighting and camera gear.  We pulled about 150 shots from this shoot.


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